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Fuel prices 2010-2050 in STEM

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Description Fuel price without taxes per primary energy carrier 2010-2050 - Assumption in STEM
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Meta data README.md
Sources IEA,Energy Technology Perspectives 2016 | Thees, O., Burg, V., Erni, M., Bowman, G., & Lemm, R. (2017). Biomassepotenziale der Schweiz für die energetische Nutzung. Ergebnisse des Schweizerischen Energiekompetenzzentrums SCCER BIOSWEET. | IEA (2017), Energy Prices and Taxes, Volume 2017 Issue 3: Third Quarter 2017, IEA, Paris.
Contact Evangelos Panos | Kannan Ramachandran
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Field documentation


Field Name Type (Format) Description
Fuel string Fuel NGA=natural gas, OIL=crude oil, COA=hard coal, GSL=gasoline, DSL=Diesel, LFO=light Fuel Oil, HFO=heavy fuel oil, KER=kerosene, BDS=biodiesel, URN=nuclear fuel, BIO=biogas, MNR=animal manure, WOD=wood, WST=waste
Unit string Unit
2010 number Fuel cost in 2010
2020 number Fuel cost in 2020
2025 number Fuel cost in 2025
2030 number Fuel cost in 2030
2035 number Fuel cost in 2035
2040 number Fuel cost in 2040
2050 number Fuel cost in 2050
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