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Cost and energy savings curves considering different retrofit scenarios (CAESAR model)

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Description Aggregate annual heating and cooling energy savings and associated investment costs associated with different retrofit scenarios for a set of residential and commercial building archetypes in Switzerland; includes: Single-family residential, Multi-family residential, Office, School, Shop, Restaurant and Hospital; based on results from simulations with the CESAR model.
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jasm-retrofit-savings-cesar-2020-02-28.zip (524 kB)

Individual data files (csv, xlsx)
Cost-energy-savings.csv (2 MB)
Meta data README.md
Sources Optimal transformation strategies for buildings, neighbourhoods and districts to reach CO2 emission reduction targets
Contact Andrew Bollinger | Portia Murray
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Field documentation

Cost & energy savings of different retrofit scenarios (Residential building archetypes) (Cost-energy-savings.csv)

Field Name Type (Format) Description
building_type string The type of building, either EFH (single-family residential) or MFH (multi-family residential)
building_location string The location of the building as simulated (Municipality in Switzerland)
archetype number A number denoting the building archetype
retrofit_solution string The applied retrofit solution (noretrofit, ground, roof, floor, wall, winwall, full)
floor_area_m2 number The floor area of the respective building archetype
heat_savings_kwh number The respective heating energy savings (kWh)
cooling_savings_kwh number The respective cooling energy savings (kWh)
retrofit_cost_CHF number The respective retrofit cost (CHF)
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