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Decentralized technologies

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Description Technical and economic properties of decentralized energy conversion and storage technologies
Last changes Not documented.
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technologies.csv (242 kB)
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Sources Sources are documented in the source column of the data file itself
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Field documentation


Field Name Type (Format) Description
Technology type string
Technology general name string
Technology specific name string
Target sector string
Lifetime number
Lifetime min number
Lifetime max number
Applicable geographic area string
Year year
Source string
Capital cost marginal number
Capital cost marginal min number
Capital cost marginal max number
Capital cost fixed number
Capital cost fixed min number
Capital cost fixed max number
Installation cost number
Installation cost min number
Installation cost max number
Operation cost number
Operation cost min number
Operation cost max number
Operation cost per kW number
Operation cost per kW min number
Operation cost per kW max number
Maintenance cost number
Maintenance cost min number
Maintenance cost max number
OM cost number
OM cost min number
OM cost max number
OM cost per kW number
OM cost per kW min number
OM cost per kW max number
OM cost per kWh number
OM cost per kWh min number
OM cost per kWh max number
Original currency string
Assumed currency conversion rate number
Output type string
Fuel type string
Prime mover string
Emissions control type string
Additional operational control type string
Capacity number
Capacity min number
Capacity max number
Efficiency number
Efficiency min number
Efficiency max number
Electrical efficiency number
Electrical efficiency min number
Electrical efficiency max number
Thermal efficiency number
Thermal efficiency min number
Thermal efficiency max number
Heat to power ratio number
Heat to power ratio min number
Heat to power ratio max number
Load factor number
Load factor min number
Load factor max number
Power density number
Power density min number
Power density max number
Area number
Area min number
Area max number
Type of energy stored string
Volumetric storage capacity number
Volumetric storage capacity min number
Volumetric storage capacity max number
Energy storage capacity number
Energy storage capacity min number
Energy storage capacity max number
Max charge rate number
Max charge rate min number
Max charge rate max number
Max discharge rate number
Max discharge rate min number
Max discharge rate max number
Charging efficiency number
Charging efficiency min number
Charging efficiency max number
Discharging efficiency number
Discharging efficiency min number
Discharging efficiency max number
Min state of charge number
Min state of charge min number
Min state of charge max number
Loss rate number
Loss rate min number
Loss rate max number
Lifetime cycles number
Lifetime cycles min number
Lifetime cycles max number
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