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This is the JASM Data Platform. We provide data that is relevant for Swiss energy economics modelling. The collection of data offered here includes modelling drivers, assumptions and results from the JASM modelling teams.

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End-use energy demand - SES End-use energy demand for Switzerland in 2000-2060 - Assumption in SES. End-use demand (EUD). Not to be confused with final energy consumption (FEC). FEC is defined as 'the energy which reaches the final consumer’s door'. In other words, the FEC is the amount of input fuel needed to satisfy the (EUD) in energy services. As an example, in the case of decentralized heat production with a gas boiler, the FEC is the amount of gas consumed by the boiler; the EUD is the amount of heat produced by the boiler, i.e. the heating service needed by the final user 2020-08-01 (12 kB)
Transport Demand in STEM Passenger and Freight transport demand by mode - Assumption in STEM model 2017-12-15 (2 kB)
Demand hourly profiles
Demand hourly profile in STEM Space heating, process heat, water heating, air conditioning and other electric appliances (e.g. refrigerators, ovens, information&communication technologies, washers and dryers,etc.) hourly profile by typical day and sector - Assumption in STEM model 2019-02-27 (10 kB)
Residential & commercial building energy demand profiles under different retrofit scenarios (CESAR model) Hourly space and water heating, cooling and electricity demand profiles for a selected set of archetype buildings in Switzerland, under 2 envelope retrofit scenarios; includes single-family residential, Multi-family residential, Office, School, Shop, Restaurant and Hospital; based on results from simulations with the CESAR model. 2020-09-17 (9 MB)
Electricity load curves of appliances for 2015, 2035 and 2050 Appliances, Year, Electricity load curves of household appliances for years 2015, 2035 and 2050 - weekday and weekend 2020-02-03 (163 kB)
Climate data from CH2018 scenarios Climate data from CH2018 scenarios: temperature, heating and cooling degree days for 1981-2099 2020-02-03 (37 kB)
Energy reference area (ERA) in JASM: Reference, High and low variants Energy reference area (ERA) for residential, commercial and industrial sectors in JASM (reference, high and low variants) 2020-08-01 (6 kB)
Macro-economic drivers in JASM (reference, high and low variants) Macro-economic drivers including population, working population, number of households and GDP in JASM (reference, high and low variants) 2020-08-01 (4 kB)
Energy efficiency in buildings
Energy efficiency investment cost curve for envelope measures in residential building stock (SwissRes model) 2016 final energy savings, total investment costs, space heating demand and energy reference area by age, building type, typology and canton (from SwissRes model). This version includes the ERA calculated in Schluck (2019) and it includes the environmental heat in the final energy 2020-05-06 (199 kB)
Energy efficiency investment cost curve for envelope measures in residential and commercial building stock (CESAR model) 2013 annual heating energy savings and associated investment costs for envelope measures in residential and commercial buildings in Switzerland; includes: Single-family residential, Multi-family residential, Office, School, Shop, Restaurant and Hospital; based on results from simulations with the CESAR model. 2020-10-16 (91 kB)
Historical electricity production
PV production of Romande Energie solar park at EPFL (05-07, 2017) 15 minutes resolution PV production data of Romande Energie solar park at EPFL (selected sites) in 05-07, 2017 2017-10-27 (109 kB)
Run-of-river power production 2009-2016 Power production time series of each run-of-river power plant in Switzerland (2009-2016) 2017-10-16 (92 MB)
Energy Efficiency Database for Swiss Industry Techno-economic data for energy efficency measures applicable in Swiss industrial systems (electric motor driven systems and excess heat recovery systems) and sectors (chemical and pharmaceutical and cement). 2020-01-20 (15 kB)
Impact and role of innovative integrated industrial heat pump systems in the energy transition Improvement of technoeconomic performance in Swiss industrial sectors (food & beverage, chemicals, steel non-ferrous metals, cement, pulp & paper) based upon pinch analysis on innovative integration of heat pumps 2020-09-18 (3 kB)
Building element U-Values Estimated U-Values from Cantonal Energy Certificate Building (CECB) by building elements and archetype category age and buildingtype. 2019-02-08 (3 kB)
Building stock in 2017 2017 residential Building Stock: Number of buildings, number of dwellings, number of main floors, energy reference area and heating demand by age, building type, typology and canton (from SwissRes model) 2020-04-20 (114 kB)
Households data Households, dwelling sizes, electrical appliances, specific consumption of appliances for the years 2000-2015 2019-03-26 (8 kB)
Households and electric appliances 2010-2050 in STEM Number of households and electric appliances 2010 - 2050 - Assumption in STEM model 2017-12-15 (3 kB)
Ownership of electrical appliances 2015, 2035, 2050 Appliances, dwelling type (Single family household and Multi family household), Year, Energy efficiency label or type, ownership for years 2015,2035 and 2035 2020-03-02 (3 kB)
Biomass and waste potentials in JASM Biomass and wast potentials for energy use including wood, manure, green and fossil waste and sewage sludge, 2015-2060. JASM-Biosweet estimation. Potentials in mass and energy units 2020-08-19 (7 kB)
Hydro climate inflows Hydro inflows for Switzerland under CH2018 climate scenarios 2020-04-08 (29 kB)
Hourly electricity import prices Modeled hourly electricity prices in EUR2010/MWh for Swiss neighboring countries for the years 2025, 2030, 2035 and 2040 as output of Swissmod electricity market model. These can be regarded as import prices for Switzerland. 2020-06-03 (5 MB)
Fuel import prices 2010-2060 in JASM (Reference, high and low variants) Import prices of oil, gas, biodiesel, ethanol and hydrogen in JASM (Reference, high and low variants), 2010-2060 2020-08-01 (3 kB)
Net transfer capacities Electricity border transmission net transfer capacities according to ENTSO-E TYNDP 2020-04-06 (11 kB)
Renewable hourly profiles in STEM Hourly profiles (aggregated at the national level) for wind and solar - Assumptions in STEM model. Calculated based on the values from 2012 2019-02-27 (33 kB)
Renewable energy sources potential in JASM Potential of renewable energy sources including hydropower, solar PV and wind power - Assumption in JASM 2020-10-29 (3 kB)
Renewables monthly production profiles in SES Monthly production profiles for renewables in Switzerland for the year 2035 - Assumption in SES model 2017-12-13 (2 kB)
Biomass-conversion-technologies Key data for biomass conversion technologies for gaseous and liquid biofuels and bioproducts Error: ZIP file not yet generated.
Estimates of PV hosting capacity and battery installtions for Switzerland accounting for grid constraints. In this work, we estimate photovoltaic (PV) hosting potentials for Switzerland while accounting for the voltage and ampacity constraints of the medium voltage networks. 2020-03-02 (3 kB)
Decentralized energy conversion technologies Cost and efficiency data for decentralized energy conversion technologies, compiled from various sources 2019-06-25 (21 kB)
Electricity generation technologies in PSI Study Data (costs, efficiency, lifetime) for energy electricity technologies - PSI study 2019-03-29 (6 kB)
Energy conversion technologies in SES Data for energy conversion technologies (cost, emissions, efficiency, lifetime, capacity factors, potential) in Switzerland for the year 2035 - Assumption in SES model 2017-12-12 (5 kB)
Energy conversion technologies in STEM Data (costs, efficiency, lifetime, capacity factors) for energy conversion technologies: electricity generation, final demand technologies (boilers, heat pumps, air conditioning, lighting, etc.), power-to-gas and transport in Switzerland - Assumptions in STEM model 2020-03-05 (15 kB)
Car technologies characterisation Car technicoeconomic data and performance projections 2020-04-27 (56 kB)

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