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This is the SCCER Joint Activity Scenarios and Modelling (JASM) Data Platform. We provide data that is relevant for Swiss energy market modelling.

The collection of data offered here will grow over time and serves transparency both internally (among SCCER JA S&M members) as well as externally (e.g. towards other modelling groups in Switzerland and other stakeholders).

The JASM data platform will be the central hub for data exchange between modelling groups involved in the JASM. The platform will also be open to contributions from other SCCER modelling groups outside of the JASM activities. Access will be open to the public (except for data packages restricted to only JASM use).

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Demand hourly profile in STEM Space heating, process heat, water heating, air conditioning and other electric appliances (e.g. refrigerators, ovens, information&communication technologies, washers and dryers,etc.) hourly profile by typical day and sector - Assumption in STEM model 2019-02-27 (10 kB)
End-use energy demand in 2035 - SES End-use energy demand for Switzerland in 2035 - Assumption in SES 2017-12-13 (3 kB)
Transport Demand in STEM Passenger and Freight transport demand by mode - Assumption in STEM model 2017-12-15 (2 kB)
Electricity prices
Hourly electricity prices Modeled hourly electricity prices for 2020, 2025 and 2030 as output of Swissmod electricity market model. 2017-09-14 (83 kB)
Historical electricity production
PV production of Romande Energie solar park at EPFL (05-07, 2017) 15 minutes resolution PV production data of Romande Energie solar park at EPFL (selected sites) in 05-07, 2017 2017-10-27 (109 kB)
Run-of-river power production 2009-2016 Power production time series of each run-of-river power plant in Switzerland (2009-2016) 2017-10-16 (92 MB)
Other model assumptions
Electricity and district heating network losses in STEM Electricity and district heating network losses - Assumption in STEM model 2017-12-15 (2 kB)
Building archetype space heating demand and energy reference area Estimated space heating demand and energy reference area by age, building type, typology and canton (from SwissRes model) 2019-02-08 (42 kB)
Building element U-Values Estimated U-Values from Cantonal Energy Certificate Building (CECB) by building elements and archetype category age and buildingtype. 2019-02-08 (3 kB)
Households data Households, dwelling sizes, electrical appliances, specific consumption of appliances for the years 2000-2015 2019-03-26 (8 kB)
Households and electric appliances 2010-2050 in STEM Number of households and electric appliances 2010 - 2050 - Assumption in STEM model 2017-12-15 (3 kB)
Fuel prices 2010-2050 in STEM Fuel price without taxes per primary energy carrier 2010-2050 - Assumption in STEM 2017-12-15 (3 kB)
Renewable hourly profiles in STEM Hourly profiles (aggregated at the national level) for wind and solar - Assumptions in STEM model. Calculated based on the values from 2012 2019-02-27 (33 kB)
Renewable energy sources potential in STEM Potential of renewable energy sources including woody and non-woody biomass and electricity generation from hydropower, solar power, wind power and geothermal - Assumption in STEM model 2019-02-28 (3 kB)
Renewables monthly production profiles in SES Monthly production profiles for renewables in Switzerland for the year 2035 - Assumption in SES model 2017-12-13 (2 kB)
Energy resources in SES Data for energy resources (cost, emissions, availability) in Switzerland for the year 2035 - Assumptions in SES 2017-12-11 (2 kB)
Decentralized energy conversion and storage technologies Technical and economic properties of decentralized energy conversion and storage technologies - Literature review 2019-03-29 (19 kB)
Electricity generation technologies in PSI Study Data (costs, efficiency, lifetime) for energy electricity technologies - PSI study 2019-03-29 (6 kB)
Energy conversion technologies in SES Data for energy conversion technologies (cost, emissions, efficiency, lifetime, capacity factors, potential) in Switzerland for the year 2035 - Assumption in SES model 2017-12-12 (5 kB)
Energy conversion technologies in STEM Data (costs, efficiency, lifetime, capacity factors) for energy conversion technologies: electricity generation, final demand technologies (boilers, heat pumps, air conditioning, lighting, etc.), power-to-gas and transport in Switzerland - Assumptions in STEM model 2019-02-28 (14 kB)

Disclaimer: Data might be subject to copyright or related rights. Please consult the primary data owner.

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