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End-use energy demand in 2035 - SES

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Description End-use energy demand for Switzerland in 2035 - Assumption in SES
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demand.csv (585 B)
Meta data README.md
Sources Moret S. (2017), Strategic Energy Planning under Uncertainty, PhD Thesis, EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland (Appendix A.1)
Contact Stefano Moret
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Field documentation


Field Name Type (Format) Description
sector string Sector of the energy system (households, services, industry, transportation)
end_use string End-use demand (EUD) type. Not to be confused with final energy consumption (FEC). FEC is defined as 'the energy which reaches the final consumer’s door'. In other words, the FEC is the amount of input fuel needed to satisfy the (EUD) in energy services. As an example, in the case of decentralized heat production with a gas boiler, the FEC is the amount of gas consumed by the boiler; the EUD is the amount of heat produced by the boiler, i.e. the heating service needed by the final user. Abbreviations: space heating (SH), temperature (T), hot water (HW).
value number Yearly end-use demand value
unit string Units
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