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Energy conversion technologies in SES-ETH

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Description Data for energy conversion technologies (feedstock, product, costs and efficiencies) in Switzerland for the year 2060 - Assumption in SES-ETH model
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energy-conversion-technologies-ses-eth.csv (12 kB)
Meta data README.md
Sources Bauer et al. (2017). Potentials, costs and environmental assessment of electricity generation technologies. Paul Scherrer Institut
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Field documentation

Energy conversion technologies in SES-ETH (energy-conversion-technologies-ses-eth.csv)

Field Name Type (Format) Description
Technology string Name of the technology
Fuel/Feedstock string Fuel or feedstock
Product string Type of product (output) stream
Investment cost-reference (CHF/kW) number Reference investment cost (CHF/kW)
Investment cost-low (CHF/kW chem LHV) number Low investment cost (CHF/kW chem LHV)
Investment cost-high (CHF/kW chem LHV) number High investment cost (CHF/kW chem LHV)
Efficiency electricity (%) number Efficiency for the production of electricity (%)
Efficiency high temperature heat (%) number Efficiency for the production of high temperature heat (%)
Efficiency medium temperature heat (%) number Efficiency for the production of medium temperature heat (%)
Efficiency low temperature heat (%) number Efficiency for the production of low temperature heat (%)
Efficiency hydrogen (%) number Efficiency for the production of hydrogen (%)
Efficiency biofuel (%) number Efficiency for the production of biofuels (%)
Electricity use (MWhel/MWh) number Electricity use (MWhel/MWh)
Reference string Literature reference
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