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Energy efficiency investment cost curve for envelope measures in residential building stock (SwissRes model)

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Description 2015 final energy savings, total investment costs, space heating demand and energy reference area by age, building type, typology and canton (from SwissRes model)
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opsd-energy-efficiency-residential-swissres-2019-05-24.zip (72 kB)

Individual data files (csv, xlsx)
envelope_investment_curve_unige.csv (150 kB)
Meta data README.md
Sources Streicher, Kai Nino, Padey, P., Parra, D., Bürer, M. C., Schneider, S., & Patel, M. K. (2019). Analysis of space heating demand in the Swiss residential building stock: Element-based bottom-up model of archetype buildings. Energy and Buildings, 184, 300–322. | Streicher, Kai Nino, Padey, P., Parra, D., Bürer, M. C., Schneider, S., & Patel, M. K. (2018). Assessment of the current thermal performance level of the Swiss residential building stock: Statistical analysis of energy performance certificates. Energy and Buildings, 178, 360–378. | Streicher, Kai Nino, Parra, D., Bürer, M. C. & Patel, M. K. (2018). Techno-economic potential of large-scale energy retrofit in the Swiss residential building stock. Energy Procedia, 122, 121–126.
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Field documentation

envelope_investment_curve_unige (envelope investment curve unige.csv)

Field Name Type (Format) Description
age number Construction period of building 1945=Before 1945, 1950=1946-1960, 1960=1961-1970, 1970=1971-1980, 1980=1981-1990, 1990=1991-2000
buildingtype string Building type MFH=Multi-family house, SFH=Single-family house
typology string Urban-rural typology based on commune level Urban, Suburban, Rural
canton string Swiss Cantons abbreviation: http://swiss-government-politics.all-about-switzerland.info/swiss-federal-states-cantons.html
cost_investment__chf number Total investment cost [chf]
savings_final_energy__mwh number Total final energy savings [MWh]
era__m2 number Energy reference area (heated area) of building archetype in Swiss building stock [m2]
finalenergy__mwh number Total final energy demand in 2015 [MWh]
usefulenergy__mwh number Total useful energy demand in 2015 [MWh]
cost_per_saving__chf_per_mwh number Costs per savings [CHF/MWh]
cost_investment_cumulated__chf number Cummulative investment costs [CHF]
savings_energy_cumulated__mwh number Cummulative energy savings [MWh]
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