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Hourly electricity prices

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Description Modeled hourly electricity prices for 2020, 2025 and 2030 as output of Swissmod electricity market model.
Notes Model run based on EU trend scenarios, i.e. demand, generation capacity, fuel prices and carbon price develop according to the EU Reference Scenario 2016 of the European Commission.
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opsd-hourly_electricity_prices-2017-09-14.zip (83 kB)

Individual data files (csv, xlsx)
swiss_elec_prices_hourly_model.csv (213 kB)
Meta data README.md
Sources Schlecht I. and Weigt H., Swissmod - A model of the Swiss electricity market, WWZ Discussion Paper, 2014/04 | Hirsch P. et al, Integrating Economic and Ecological Benchmarking for a Sustainable Development of Hydropower, Sustainability 2016, 8(9), 875
Contact Ingmar Schlecht | Rebecca Lordan-Perret
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Field documentation

swiss elec prices hourly model.csv

Field Name Type (Format) Description
hour string Hour of the year (from h1 to h8760)
prices_CH_2020 number Modelled Swiss electricity wholesale price for 2020
prices_CH_2025 number Modelled Swiss electricity wholesale price for 2025
prices_CH_2030 number Modelled Swiss electricity wholesale price for 2030
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