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Potential of electricity generation from non-biomass renewable energy sources

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Description Potential of electricity generation from hydropower, solar power, wind power and geothermal
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opsd-hydro-wind-solar-geo-potential-2017-12-15.zip (3 kB)

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hydro-wind-solar-geo-potential.csv (134 B)
Meta data README.md
Sources Bauer, C., S. Hirschberg (eds.), Y. Bäuerle, S. Biollaz, A. Calbry-Muzyka, B. Cox, T. Heck, M. Lehnert, A. Meier, H.-M. Prasser, W. Schenler, K. Treyer, F. Vogel, H.C. Wieckert, X. Zhang, M. Zimmermann, V. Burg, G. Bowman, M. Erni, M. Saar, M.Q. Tran (2017) “Potentials, costs and environmental assessment of electricity generation technologies.” PSI, WSL, ETHZ, EPFL. Paul Scherrer Institut, Villigen PSI, Switzerland.
Contact Evangelos Panos | Kannan Ramachandran
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Field documentation


Field Name Type (Format) Description
Category string Category of non-biomass-resource
Unit string Unit
Sustainable number Sustainable potential: theoretical potential minus a range of technical, political, economic, legal and environmental constraints
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