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Fuel import prices 2010-2060 in JASM scenarios

Package version
Description Import prices of fuels in JASM scenarios, 2010-2060
Last changes Not documented.
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jasm-import-prices-2020-02-28.zip (2 kB)

Individual data files (csv, xlsx)
jasm-import-prices.csv (717 B)
Meta data README.md
Sources IEA, 2018. World Energy Outlook
Contact Adriana Marcucci | Gianfranco Guidati
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Field documentation

Price of imported energy carriers (jasm-import-prices.csv)

Field Name Type (Format) Description
Fuel number Energy carrier
Scenario text Scenario: Reference, high and low
2010 number Price in 2010
2017 number Price in 2017
2020 number Price in 2020
2025 number Price in 2025
2030 number Price in 2030
2035 number Price in 2035
2040 number Price in 2040
2040 number Price in 2050
2060 number Price in 2060
Reference text Reference
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