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Lighting Demand

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Description Monthly distribution of the lighting demand; the distribution is the same across the months belonging to the same season.
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opsd-lighting_demand-2017-12-15.zip (2 kB)

Individual data files (csv, xlsx)
distribution-of-lighting-demand-monthly.csv (697 B)
Meta data README.md
Sources Stokes M., Rylatt M. and Lomas K. (2004) A simple model of domestic lighting demand, Energy and Buildings 36 (2) pp 103-116
Contact Evangelos Panos | Kannan Ramachandran
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Field documentation


Field Name Type (Format) Description
Hour number Hour of the day
Winter (Jan) number Profile during the months in winter
Spring (April) number Profile during the months in spring
Summer (July) number Profile during then months in summer
Autumn (Oct) number Profile during the months in autumn
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