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Renewable hourly profiles in SES-ETH

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Description Hourly profiles (aggregated at the national level) for wind and solar - Assumptions in SES-ETH model
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jasm-renewable-hourly-profile-ses-eth-2020-12-10.zip (37 kB)

Individual data files (csv, xlsx)
solar-wind-profile-hourly.csv (120 kB)
Meta data README.md
Sources Solar profiles: Iturralde, J., Alonso, L., Carrera, A., Salom, J., Battaglia, M., Carbonell, D., 2019. Energy demands for multi-family buildings in different climatic zones D1.1
Wind profiles: Moret, S., 2017. Strategic energy planning under uncertainty. Ph.D. thesis. EPFL
Contact Adriana Marcucci | Gianfranco Guidati
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Field documentation

Hourly profiles for solar and wind (solar-wind-profile-hourly.csv)

Field Name Type (Format) Description
Hour number Hour in a year
PV (Capacity factor in %) string Solar irradiation in the hour of the year (Capacity factor in %)
PV (Capacity factor in %) string Wind production in the hour of the year (Capacity factor in %)
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