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Renewables monthly production profiles in SES-EPFL

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Description Monthly production profiles for renewables in Switzerland for the year 2035 - Assumption in SES-EPFL model
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jasm-renewable_profiles-ses-epfl-2017-12-13.zip (2 kB)

Individual data files (csv, xlsx)
renewable_profiles.csv (997 B)
Meta data README.md
Sources Moret S. (2017), Strategic Energy Planning under Uncertainty, PhD Thesis, EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland (Appendix: Tables A.7, A.20)
Contact Stefano Moret
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Field documentation

renewable_profiles (renewable profiles.csv)

Field Name Type (Format) Description
technology string Technology name
month number Months: January (1) to December (12)
c_p_t number Monthly capacity factor [-]
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