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Energy resources in SES

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Description Data for energy resources (cost, emissions, availability) in Switzerland for the year 2035 - Assumptions in SES
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Meta data README.md
Sources Moret S. (2017), Strategic Energy Planning under Uncertainty, PhD Thesis, EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland (Appendix A.5)
Contact Stefano Moret
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Field documentation


Field Name Type (Format) Description
resource string Resource name
avail number Yearly availability of resources for Switzerland in 2035 [GWh/y]. For fossil fuels, availability is assumed to be unlimited.
gwp_op number Global warming potential (GWP) emissions of resources [kgCO2-eq./kWh_fuel]. Greenhouse gas emissions including production/extraction, transportation and combustion. For GHG emissions, LCA data are taken from the Ecoinvent database v3.2 using the 'allocation at the point of substitution' method. GWP is assessed with the 'GWP100a - IPCC2013' indicator.
c_op number Price of fuels and electricity imports for Switzerland in 2035 [CHF_2015/kWh_fuel]. 'Naked' import price at the Swiss border, without Swiss taxes.
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