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Description Decarbonization reference scenario
Notes Initial definition of general scenario characteristics of the climate policy reference scenario. Further updates and specifications for individual models to be included as required.
Last changes Not documented.
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opsd-scenarios-2017-12-19.zip (18 kB)

Individual data files (csv, xlsx)
jasm_reference_scenario_2017-11-30.xlsx (20 kB)
Meta data README.md
Sources Prognos (2012) | IEA ETP (2017) | European Commission (2017) | BfE (2017) | BAFU (2016) | UNFCCC (2017)
Contact Tom Kober
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Field documentation

jasm reference scenario 2017-11-30.xlsx

Field Name Type (Format) Description
indicator text Name of the indicator
unit text Unit of the indicator
source/comment text Source and further comments regarding the indicator
2015 number Data for 2015
2020 number Data for 2020
2025 number Data for 2025
2030 number Data for 2030
2035 number Data for 2035
2040 number Data for 2040
2045 number Data for 2045
2050 number Data for 2050
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