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Car technologies characterisation

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Description Car technicoeconomic data and performance projections
Last changes Not documented.
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jasm-transport-cars-2020-04-27.zip (56 kB)

Individual data files (csv, xlsx)
transport-cars.csv (149 kB)
Meta data README.md
Sources Sacchi, R., Bauer, C., Cox, B. and Mutel, C. (submitted) carculator: an open-source tool for prospective environmental and economic life cycle assessment of vehicles. When, Where and How can battery-electric vehicles help reduce greenhouse gas emissions? Submitted to Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews. In review
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Field documentation

transport-cars (transport-cars.csv)

Field Name Type (Format) Description
year string Projection year
powertrain string Powertrain BEV=battery electric, FCEV=fuel cell, HEV-d=hybrid diesel, HEV-p=Hybrid gasoline, ICEV-d=ICE diesel, ICEV-p=ICE gasoline, ICEV-g=ICE gas, PHEV-d=Plugin diesel, PHEV-p=Plugin gasoline
size string Size of the car
Lifetime number Car lifetime in years
lifetime_kilometers number Km over car lifetime
TtW_efficiency number Tank to Wheel efficiency
range number Range in km of a full tank
frontal_area number Frontal area in square meters
aerodynamic_drag_coefficient number Aerodynamic coefficient
oxidation_energy_stored number Oxidation energy stored in kWh
interest_rate number Interest rate applied to levelised cost calculations
TtW_energy number Tank to Wheel energy consumption kJ/km
electricity_consumption number Electricity consumption KWh/km
driving_mass number Driving mass in kgr per vehicle
glider_cost number Glider cost in EUR per car
powertrain_cost number Powertrain cost in EUR/car
energy_storage number Energy storage cost in EUR per car
purchase_cost number Purchase cost in EUR per car
amortised_purchase_cost number Amortised purschase cost in EUR/km
maintenance_cost_per_km number Maintenance cost in EUR/km
amortised_component_replacement_cost number Amortised component replacement cost in EUR/km
energy_cost_per_km number Energy cost in EUR/km
total_cost_per_km number Total cost in EUR/km
electric_energy_stored number Electric energy stored in kWh
electric_utility_factor number Electric utility factor
combustion_power number Combustion power in kW
electric_power number Electric power in kW
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